avatar for Barbara Ahern

Barbara Ahern

Coordinator, Disability Support

Jennifer Bauer

Department Chair, Communication
avatar for Deborah Botker

Deborah Botker

Department Chair, Social Science
avatar for Apollon Bouzerdan

Apollon Bouzerdan

Program Coordinator, Dental Lab Technology
avatar for Camille Brown

Camille Brown

Director, Admissions & Recruitment

Nick Cloutier

Transfer Counselor
avatar for Jonathan Crockett

Jonathan Crockett

Coordinator, Essential Needs & Community Resources
avatar for William Darmody

William Darmody

Program Coordinator, Radiologic Technology
avatar for Ivetta Dinbergs

Ivetta Dinbergs

Chair, Science Department
avatar for Michelle Dobrin

Michelle Dobrin

Department Chair, Education
avatar for Joe Eiler

Joe Eiler

Program Coordinator, Graphic Design
avatar for Binnur Ercem

Binnur Ercem

Commonwealth Honors Program
avatar for Kristie Faletra

Kristie Faletra

Assistant Director, Admissions & Recruitment
avatar for Jessica A. Frost

Jessica A. Frost

Director, Veterans Resource Center

Kathrina Gaffron

Multiple Measures Specialist

Kathy Gehly

Dean, Nursing and Allied Health
avatar for Marilyn Glazer-Weisner

Marilyn Glazer-Weisner

Director, World Language Institute & Intensive English Institute
avatar for Lynn Gregory

Lynn Gregory

Wellness Counselor and Consultation Services
avatar for Claudia Guillen

Claudia Guillen

Program Coordinator, Medical Assisting
avatar for Stacie Hargis

Stacie Hargis

Coordinator, Entrepreneurship

Sohana Hasan

Peer Tutor
avatar for Judith Hogan

Judith Hogan

Dean, Business, Public Service & Legal
avatar for Jenna Hurd

Jenna Hurd

Middlesex Community College
Assistant Director of Admissions

Susan Hutchinson

Academic Advisor

Mary Jenny

Program Coordinator, Dental Assisting
avatar for Jill Keller

Jill Keller

Department Chair, English

Jessica Kennett

Multiple Measures Specialist
avatar for Suzanne McHale

Suzanne McHale

Program Coordinator, Medical Lab Technology
avatar for Jennifer Migliozzi

Jennifer Migliozzi

Assistant Director, Admissions & Recruitment
avatar for Genevieve Morse

Genevieve Morse

Coordinator, Career Placement
avatar for Jo Mucci

Jo Mucci

Director, First-Year Experience & Student Success

Mary Mullens

Associate Director, Financial Aid
avatar for Amy Myres

Amy Myres

Outreach Coordinator, Theater
avatar for Joseph Nardoni

Joseph Nardoni

Faculty, Creative Writing
avatar for Noreen McGinness Olson

Noreen McGinness Olson

Director, Academic Support Programs
avatar for Winny Oyamo-Twombly

Winny Oyamo-Twombly

Assistant Director, Academic Advising
avatar for Carmen Peralta

Carmen Peralta

Chair of the Music Department

Nathan Percival

IT Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor
avatar for Jennifer Pisarik

Jennifer Pisarik

Department Chair, Behavioral Science
avatar for Sanaz Rahimi

Sanaz Rahimi

Faculty, Computer Science
avatar for Jeff Tejada

Jeff Tejada

Director, Diversity Outreach and Recruitment

Kimberly Tibbetts

Director, Financial Aid
avatar for Karen Townsend

Karen Townsend

Director, Dental Hygiene Education
avatar for Marie Tupaj

Marie Tupaj

Faculty, Engineering /CAD
avatar for Carolyn Walsh

Carolyn Walsh

Director, Nurse Education
avatar for Bryan Wint

Bryan Wint

Director, Academic Advising

Roxana Zeledon

Senior Financial Aid Counselor